Fashion designer creates garments to raise funds for Anti-racism and Gender Equality campaigns.

Ethical Fashion Designer Richard Malone donates proceeds of custom handmade garments to Black Lives Matter UK and African Rainbow Family charities.

The world-wide eruption of anti-rascism protests in June this year, as a reaction to the murder of George Floyd in the United States on May 25th, prompted Irish Fashion Designer Richard Malone to create a limited run of bespoke ethically designed trio of sweaters.

In early July the first run order of garments sold out, with 100% proceeds being donated to the Black Lives Matter UK chapter.  He speaks to Sustainable Diva on why he created the handmade jumpers.

“I felt it was the awareness of the violence still being faced everyday to my black friends and colleagues. It's disturbing and harming every facet of society. 

A graduate of Central Saint Martins College London in 2014,  Malone’s entire graduate collection was bought by Brown Thomas Dublin. Malone is a sustainable fashion designer known for his ethical stance against mass production, and his commitment to anti-racism awareness within the fashion industry and society in general.

“I find it heartbreaking and terrifying to see how difficult it is for some people to understand equality, and how much this can benefit our whole society” .

Malone believes it is vital for everyone to discuss levels of inequality and racism in our society as it will better facilitate communication, understanding and human interactions. He draws on the changes that have taken place  in society using his home country of Ireland as an example.

“The Ireland I grew up in is vastly different from what it is now - people campaigned for equal marriage and women's rights to bodily autonomy. As a teenager, I could not have imagined an Ireland where this happened, but it did. Personal learning and understanding of empathy -  these are the conversations and transformations that create change”. 

In regards to the fashion industry and truly actioning change in its lack of diversity and equality for the next generation of fashion designers. 

Since 2014, Malone has been working with insights an education group that offers free courses to BME and low income students. The project’s aim is to offer wider participation and intake from students of BAME and low income backgrounds to attend Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion.

Richard Malone's Handmade Ladder Knit Jumper ( forest green shown) available in 3 colours £275 while stocks last. 100% of the proceeds will go to raise funds for the African Rainbow Family

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