Love on the front door

Get inspired and crafty with these DIY Valentine Day's Wreath. Viewed from outside in or inside out.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and this year has got to be about all types of universal LOVE, not just the traditional 2-person romantic kind.

For the sake of our personal and collective sanity, let's do things differently and give Valentine's Day an upgrade to becoming a symbol for more humanitarian love and abundance for all. Not just another commercially themed day for shopping.

Everyone is being pushed to their limits, so give yourself love this Valentine's Day by creating reminders visually around your living space that love it, yourself and all around you.

We human beings deserve a gigantic collective universal hug. That is in fact happening if you are open to receiving it, whether you are consciously or unconsciously making it through the blurred days and nights of lockdown3. We are ALL being reprogrammed and upgraded on some level vibrationally and if you haven't grasped that yet, that constant humming in your head or ache in your heart is the wake up now alarm bell ringing.

Place some love on your front door in the form of a DIY Valentine's wreath for others to see. And most importantly place some love inside your living space on a door you see frequently.

As we (in the UK anyway), will be spending this year's Valentine's Day mainly indoors due to Lockdown3, with limited chances we will be seeing much more of our front doors from the outside (although returning in from essential shopping and/exercise), others will be seeing our front door as they pass by.

Below are 8 super cool DIY Valentine's Wreaths ideas which gave me the inspiration to write this post. Seeing any one or more of the beautiful wreaths below (which you made), around your home or on your front door surely will give you and your neighbours the love boast you both need. All of these wreaths you can make, keep and re-use.

Happy Valentine's Day lovelies and a super big virtual hug from moi.

Budget friendly faux pink rose wreath by South Lumina Style (US blog)

Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

Wooden hoop wreath by Lydioutloud

Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

A simple heart shaped frame, covered in yarn with felt lettering makes this Valentine's wreath ultra chic. Created by Jen Hadsfield Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

This felt roses Burlap Wreath is easy peasy

Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

Who knew? gingham ribbon and red glitter hearts would make such a stunning Valentine's door decoration.

Clumsy Crafty. Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here

Beautiful spiral rose Valentines Wreath with white rose kiss and hug by Jessica and Mandy of Little Birdies Secret. Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

Perfect for some inside Valentine glamour try this gorgeous felt rosette love sign by Sonnet O'Kane

Find out how to make it and her tutorial on the blog mycraftyspot

Brilliant Red Tulle and Hearts DIY Valentine Wreath by Melanie Artz of Artzy Creations

Find out how to make it and view the tutorial here.

Another super easy and wow framed heart idea. Make yours with a wooden (not foam) heart, hang with some lovely ribbon from an empty frame. Another I wish I had thought of that idea by Little Birdie Secrets

Get the kids involved too, Valentine's Day isn't only for adults, involve your them with these craft ideas for children.

Happy Valentine's day - everyday.

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