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January 2021| Message from the Founding Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to Sustainable Diva 2021

I'm Caroline Asante, founding editor-in-chief of Sustainable Diva. As we commence this new year and reflect on the incredible past 12 months that was 2020, collectively let's focus our attention now on how to rebuilt, reset and reimagine our personal and collective future together and with the intention of collaboration, harmony, love and abundance. Although last year presented challenges beyond imagination, I found myself in harmony with the demands of the times to develop even further inner strength and put life purpose first.

Conscious living and seeing the growth and opportunities to truly create the life I have always wanted, is more prevalent than ever. Living with greater purpose is now the centre of my being. This platform was created during the height of the second UK lockdown Autumn 2020, although the name Sustainable Diva has been my nickname since 2012 (because I still bicycle in high heels), to this day.

Being conscious of nature and environmental imbalance, also means caring, giving and supporting others people on this planet regardless of geographical location. We are one human race. Period. The only way we will truly make progress on so many societal issues is to collaborate and also recognise we all created how it is - together, consciously or otherwise.

The opportunity to processes and rebuild ourselves and society to be inclusive rather and exclusive requires foresight and patience with the process of mental and energy shifts taking place and being compassionate and easy on yourself and others in this transition.

Often it is the simple things that give us the most peace of mind. Take time to introduce ( if you haven't already), your mind, heart and body to meditation, mindfulness, walking in the forest, or discovering that you have one on your doorstep, mobile devices off and truly putting your #wellbeing and mental health first.

Living alone or without the support of seeing parents nearby or friends certainly has made many younger generations*mature at a greater speed of emotional independence. You will look back to 2020 as the year you really stretch and found strength you didn't know you had. And that is only a good thing. No matter what you're experience, give thanks and gratitude that here you are. More vibrant, more beautiful and full of inner reserves you now can take with you as you step forward into becoming more of who you really are. This is what life is about, constant expansion. And if you are one of those who have recognised this, then you also have the great joy of encouraging and supporting others for whom this has not resonated yet. As a Sustainable Diva, this means also thriving through all circumstances in your life, not just caring for our environment. Your inner environment comes first, balanced on the inside, means balanced on the outside.

If you are a parent as I am, you will certainly have been stretched to capacity on all fronts last year. We've had a lot of deal with aside from the normal juggling parenthood, especially if you are a #solo parent. Working from home or losing work all together, romantic relationships or lack thereof, organising your child or children's homeschooling tasks ( whilst still in your PJ's), combined with everyone simply going dizzy with never-ending screen time, whilst fighting to keep house and home from resembling a brief but continuous hurricane of sheer mess.

There is a great saying, If you don't go in — you go without". Inside of you is a rock, remember that, you deserve all the love, appreciation and support that the universe has to offer you in abundance and trust me it is waiting for you to claim it.

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