For the festive holidays

As we wrap up 2020 a year like no other in living memory, Christmas is still the season of giving and receiving. This year we have each had to dig deep, pivot and find our own personal strength. Make yours include care for each other and the planet and include presents from small businesses on your wish and gift list.

Think locally - listed below are 10 Eco Gift suggestion ideas for you. Eight are British owned or made small green beauty businesses producing top quality products.

Think globally - Christmas is also about considering ourselves as a global family. Include the gift of planting more trees and find out about the charity Trees for The Future.

1) ilodyskincare, luxmi hydrating radiance serum, 30ml, £72, at

Definitely one of the best serums we've tried. This multi-function radiance serum packs a botanical punch, combining essential nutrients and plant actives, including tremella mushroom (a Vitamin D superpower) for hydration, liquorice for skin-tone balance, and tonka bean bio-ferment for skin plumping luminance. Made in the UK.

2/3) Funky Soap Company, Liquid Tangerine & Olive Body Wash 250ml, £6.00 and Organic Fragrant Jasmine Body Milk, 250ml, £5.95 at

Two delicious green beauties, from one of my favourite indie British green beauty brands. Moisturize whilst you shower using Funky Soap Company's Liquid Tangerine and Olive Body wash, follow up with the Jasmine infused luxurious body milk moisturiser enhanced with aloe vera and shea butter to leave your skin divine. Made in the UK.

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4) Abstract art inspired earrings by Dolly and Mack ,£14,99 at

Sparkle into the holiday season with these hand casted eco-friendly resin earrings. All components are nickel free with hypoallergenic stainless steel and super affordable at this price. Made in the UK.

5) Bolt Beauty 100 Vitamin A Game biodegradable skincare range, £3 - 50.00,

Treat yourself or gift this skin nourishing magic range. Each biodegradable capsule (made from seaweed), contains a perfect portion of 0.15% retinol and Vitamin E to brighten, firm and smooth skin. I found this product excellent for hyperpigmentation and we love this British brand’s approach to sustainable packaging. Made in the UK.

6) Marchella Wylie, ‘Green Peonies’ smartphone case £30.00

According to an Ofcom study, in the UK we touch our phones every 12 mins. Give a gift of colourful flora and fauna with a bespoke phone cover designed by Scottish illustrator Marchella Wylie. All are made to order, therefore zero waste in production and are ethically made in Britain.

7) Shoreline Shaving, £29.00,

Eliminate disposal razors for her and him, with this eco-friendly shaving kit, an ideal gift to begin zero waste shaving. The reusable solid bamboo safety razor fits all double-edged blades, includes a vegan shaving soap, and two packs of blades.

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8) The Ethstat Tree Pen, £12 pack of 5 at ,

Originally used to sign the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio which kickstarted the global awareness of Climate Change. This amazing pen is by brilliant British brand Ethstat ismade from bio corn starch, recycled paper and is 100% biodegradable. Made in Europe. Once you’ve used it plant it (includes pine seeds in the lid), grow a tree, and save up to one tonne of CO2 for every pen you use.

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9) Kjaer Weis, Natural Lengthening Mascara,£29,

The eyes have it. As masks are now firmly part of our facial features, let’s make the most of our eyes. This brilliant mascara by Kjaer Weis is one of the best. The nourishing non-toxic formula enhances natural lashes, leaving them thicker, longer and clump free.

10) Help create better food security for our planet's most vulnerable communities and countries.

Trees for the Future is a global charity which runs The Garden Project. They create tree gardens for the world’s poorest communities to increase food security and biodiversity.

Approx. 50 football fields of trees per minute are lost to food agriculture worldwide. Most affected areas are Africa, Latin America, The Amazon, and Southeast Asia, where millions of chronically-hungry small farm holders cut down trees but never replace them causing soil, water and food crop loss compounded by Climate Change. A small donation creates great rewards.

Have a safe and wonderful festival holiday season. Caroline x

Caroline S. Asante is a British-born sustainability educator, environmental scientist, writer, editor, green beauty columnist of Guyanese, Brazilian and Ghanaian heritage. She is the founding Editor-in-Chief of Sustainable Diva.

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