We need transformation of purpose as a human race

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The corona pandemic has presented us with many serious challenges, both personal and societal. It is nudging some, forcing many and yet dragging kicking and screaming everyone, to look both inside and outside of our lives. You will know which energy field you are in by the amount of soul ache, pain or agitation you feel these days.

Transformation of our purpose as a human race — one race, not different races, is at work here. This means standing together, working together, loving together and being in sync as one voice.

What type of planet and life do you wish to create, live and experience?.

Has the ‘normal’ been working for you? Does the status quo include everyone? Does it give equal access and opportunity for all to lead a life without deprivation and fear or give freely, opportunities for happiness, potential, love and economic security to the many?.

Who gets to live in societal fear and who gets to live without noticing it is happening to others. Who gets to leave home with the mindset there is always help nearby should there be a misunderstanding within the insanity, and who gets to leave home not sure they will return alive if there is?.

No. Nothing can return to ‘normal’.

Additionally, planet earth is tired of giving human beings chances. She’s fed up of her body being taken for granted, polluted, deforested, abused, so another shinny over-priced, car, yacht, house, plane, or thing can be obtained by a few.

And yet, she provides every second the very oxygen needed for her abusers’ to survive. We are different but all the same stuff. When are we going to get it? How many pandemics do we need?

Apparently four of them at once. Covid-19, economic meltdown, racial injustice and environmental breakdown. This is why this period of time is so crucial.

Remember you are a mind, body and spirit. You can be here now reading these words and can be everything at once. This is how amazing you are.

Togetherness is the only way forward.

There is power in numbers. If enough of us work together, we can overcome the heavier energies that presently appear to suppress and block us. This is a time to use your voice, your strength, your experience and your resources to make a difference.

The corona pandemic has given you a chance to reflect upon your life and find out what you stand for. If you haven’t found your voice yet.

Now is the time.

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