8 things to do in October to encourage well-being

Keeping a positive outlook and retaining a sense of well-being is of paramount importance now. October is of my favourite months of the year. Autumn or Fall depending on which side of the pond you live, brings with it an appreciation for the changing seasons. Thanksgiving and Harvests, abound in this month starting with the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday on October 10th. I love this celebration as it brings forth a most important aspect of life. Gratitude. Giving thanks for what we do have is the first step to well-being.

Here are 5 wonderful things you can do this October to bring more joy and well-being into the chaos we find ourselves - worldwide.

1. Talk a walk in your local forest - Put your phone down, and observe the glorious changes of colour of the season. Sight, sounds, smells and glorious fresh oxygen.

Photo: Inna Podolska

2. Foraging: October is the time of year to look for wild mushrooms, garlic and berries. Be careful to do research on which mushrooms are edible and which are poisonous.

Photo Thomas Millot

3. Experience Unbelievable Sunsets for free - Just look up. October presents shows us our planet in her most glorious beauty.

Photo: Jason Blackeye

4. Make your own Hot cups of chocolate with marshmallows and share with family.

Photo: Douglas Bagg

5. Gather berries and fruits and finally bake that fruit pie.

Photo Brooke Larke

6. PUMPKINS! October brings this delicious, nutrias and most versatile root vegetable in abundance. Making Pumpkin Soup is so easy ( from scratch) See our recipe from Riverford here

7. Kids love Halloween. So adapt your family's lifestyle to include all COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and create a house backyard halloween BBQ. Essential dressing up required.

8. And finally make sure you dispose of your pumpkin responsibly.

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